45158559We have a strong position and huge range of knowledge across capability areas and key programmes which are at the heart of UK defence requirements now and for the future. From land systems to advanced targeting, from self-protection to lethality, and from secure communications to networking, SVGC has best of class capabilities for understanding and providing effective decision support, programme and capability management. SVGC works with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and defence industry partners to help define the most effective capability and ensure that this is acquired with maximum efficiency and delivers the through-time operational benefits for which it was intended. The majority of SVGC core personnel, and a significant number of our close associates are former members of the armed forces – from SO2 (Major/Sqn Ldr/Lt Cdr) to 3* (Lt Gen/V Adm/Air Marshall).


SVGC understands the demands of today’s land battlespace and the growing importance of national security and resilience. We have delivered Capability Management support in areas including Mounted Close Combat, Dismounted Close Combat and Combat Support persistently over the last seven years including periods of deployment in Army HQ at Andover and related organisations in MOD Main Building and at the procurement arm of MOD – Defence Equipment + Support at Abbey Wood.


Several of our senior staff and lead associates are former naval officers. Naturally therefore, we are involved in maritime decision support and an active member of the Maritime Industry Associate Group covering both surface and sub-surface fleets. SVGC personnel are also deployed in the Ships Operating Centre within the procurement arm of MOD – Defence Equipment + Support.


We are less prevalent at present in the Air domain but through our partnership community, and key members of core staff, we have a strong understanding of the Air Sector. That said, we recently completed a Combat Air Training Study examining the range of training solutions.


With our long standing senior roles within the MOD, SVGC has a surprising amount of policy expertise – from Industrial Policy to future Military Partners policy. Our approach to policy based advice combines our unique industrial and military expertise to provide wide ranging and well founded policy recommendations. We have a strong network across both communities and utilise this to ensure the validity of our recommendations.