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Decision Support – Dealing with Complexity

At SVGC, we have been helping organisations deal with complex decisions for more than 17 years. We combine sound defence and business operational experience with systems engineering, project, programme and portfolio management skills to enable robust, optimised and evidence based decision making. Whether in Defence, or in Industry, making key decisions requires judgement not just of the here and now, but of how the context may change through time. Our approach to decision support provides traceable and tangible evidence and delivers sustained coherence.

Capability Management

Evolving from the best of the MoDs Through Life Capability Management (TLCM) process, the new delegated Defence Reform model has placed the Commands at the centre of Capability Planning and Delivery. SVGC are proud to have delivered the original thinking behind Capability Management in the MoD, and supported its evolution ever since with pragmatic, evidence based support to inform many of the most significant defence decisions in recent years.

Wider Industry

Our approach to managing capability through time extends beyond equipment acquisition and considers human resources, maintenance and other fundamental business functions. Given the current economic climate, making traceable and evidence based decisions is becoming increasingly important in every business environment. At SVGC, we consider the dynamics of decisions and apply proven methodologies, frameworks and tools to support you in providing the evidence which enable the construction of high quality business cases to inform key decisions.